Etiquette and Care of our Course

The etiquette of golf as printed in the Rules of Golf shall be observed at all times.

Dress: The standard of dress required by the Club must be maintained on the course and in the Clubhouse at all times.
Club Licence: The Bar Manager operates the Bar under the Club’s Bar Licence in terms of the Sale of Liquor Act. Hours are advertised in the Clubhouse. Special permits are obtained to extend hours for socials, tournaments etc. All members of the Club must be able to show their membership cards and visitors must sign the visitors’ book.
Trespassers: Members are requested to warn off any unauthorised persons including persons avoiding paying green fees.
Greens Staff: Players must give way to greens staff at all times. When a flag is not in position, players must wait until it has been replaced by greens staff.
Care of the Course: Members are expected to take care of their course, repair divots and pitchmarks. Please ensure there is no damage to the putting green. Do not retrieve the ball from the hole using the putter blade – this action damages the hole. Observe local rules displayed on the notice board.
Score Cards: Players in competitions must follow the correct procedure for marking and signing cards or risk disqualification.
Speed of Play: Slow Play cannot be tolerated; the committee may penalise players for slow play. The lowest handicap player in the group has responsibility for ensuring etiquette is observed and may request that play proceed at good pace. The leading players must hit off promptly before cards are marked. Bags should never be left in front of the green, but at the side nearest next tee. Make up lost ground without delay or call those following to go through. Never play your shot before the players in front are out of range.
Motorised Carts: Instructions for correct usage are displayed both on the vehicle and in the Club House. Violation of rules may result in restriction of future use.
Distance Measuring Devices: May be used as described in Local Rules.
Practice Rounds: Maximum 2 balls per player may be played during practice rounds.
Practice Areas: The practice green and fairway is adjacent to the Club House between the 17th and 18th fairways. It is designated for putting, chipping and pitching.